Buying a Shiba Inu Puppy

Purchasing A Puppy From Icewind

1. Please read our website and become familiar with the breed.

2. Fill out our Puppy Application.

3. For us to hold a Puppy for you, a deposit of $450 is required. Most people use PayPal and our email is Please note that the PayPal deposit is NOT refundable

4. Final balance payment for a puppy is to be made in cash only.

What Comes With My Shiba Puppy

Each of our puppies come with Nuvet Supplement samples, Raw Freeze Dried Food Samples, Age Appropriate Vaccines, Dewormings, Vet’s Health Certificate, AKC Papers. A Lifetime Health Guarantee and Lifetime Breeder Support.  

Puppy Pictures are sent shortly after birth, and every weekend so you can watch your puppy grow. 

All puppies are imprinted from birth. We are with our puppies daily handling each one with touch exercises. Early Neurological Stimulation will give your puppy a superior advantage. More ENS information can be found at

Visiting Icewind

1. Our Pet Supply Store will be open when you visit.

2. We can assist you if needed in finding the right supplies you will need for your puppy.

3. Need a proper fitting harness? We can try several on your puppy so he/she has the right fit. "Shibas Are Great Escape Artists!"

4. Grooming - We can show you how to keep your puppy clean and healthy. Do you need to see how to cut your puppy's nails? All you have to do is ask and we will teach you.

5. NuVet Supplements and your puppy's dog food are available for purchase

Buying Your Puppy's Supplies

1. Make a visit to Icewind's Puppy Supplies, for a more personal service to guide you in the care of your new puppy. Examples: Grooming Brushes, Housetraining Items, Crate Sizes, Chew Bones, Toys, the proper size collar, harness or leash, etc. You can come weeks before picking up your puppy or do it all in the same day. If you need extra time for this just let us know.

Taking Your Puppy Home

willowandturokweb1. Please allow extra time to ensure that you will arrive for your scheduled appointment on time. Most visits take 1 hour.

2. Make a veterinarian appointment for your new puppy as close to pick up as possible.

3. For your puppy's good health, we ask when you leave Icewind you go directly home. We understand you would like to show off your new puppy, but this is not recommended. There are certain airborne diseases puppies can be exposed to.

4. Bringing your puppy home - For optimal health and energy, puppies need 15-20 hours of sleep. Limit playtime so your puppy doesn't become exhausted.

5. The excitement of bringing your puppy home - It's best not to overwhelm your puppy with large numbers of people. Your puppy will already experience stress upon the change in environment.

6. Your puppy will need a place where he/she can be allowed quiet time. Don't allow well meaning family and friends to overwhelm or overtire your puppy with excitement.

Puppy Application

If you are interested in one of our puppies please fill out a puppy application. This application will help us better serve you in your decision to purchase a new puppy.