About a year ago I adopted a Shiba Inu from my local shelter. I knew nothing of the breed, there was a plea for his adoption, I had a feeling that he may have overstayed his time, so I went down and adopted this deaf, part blind, old senior Shiba. I figured the old man needed a place to rest, and I would love a new space heater on the bed. Boy what a mess he was, he was skin and bones, with bald patches, runny eyes and nose. His muzzle was red, raw and rough from him scratching all the time. He would scratch so much that he would bleed. In a very short time Mr. Miyagi (his new name) and I started to gain trust in each other. And within a week I learned he was not deaf, just obstinate. Alas I remind you that this ancient breed was new to me. I searched on line for nutrition and assistance to help get this old guy up on this feet, and I found your lovely web site, with your beautiful dogs. I went through your site front to back, and really liked what I found on your nutrition page. I followed your nutritional suggestion, I fed him the dog food you recommended, and ordered NuVet Plus supplement.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Mr. Miyagi is 100% better, he is quite gorgeous. Now that he has fleshed out and is rid of his aliments the vet believes his to be about 6 years of age, not the 12 years that the shelter believed him to be.

I have learned a lot about the breed from this dog, we failed obedience because he refused to participate and would turn around and face the wall. I secretly liked his silent protest, what a personality. It was quite comical how he would walk into class with a proud prance, and then hang his head and tail in disinterest as if the lessons were beneath him. I love him and love his aloofness, as if I don’t matter (unless of course I have food) He is a clown when he wants to be and loves his cats. And he keeps my feet warm too!!

I just wanted to share my story and thank you for your free information. You save my dogs life of suffering and discomfort with your knowledge.


Albany NY

November 11, 2011