TODAY it has been TWO glorious years since we brought our little Kenobi home! We couldn’t be happier!! He is the greatest canine we’ve ever known! Thanks to you and Anya and all the love and care you give to all of your Shibas!
June 2008

From: Phil
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2009
To: Dawn
Subject: KENOBI

Hi Dawn,

I’m purchasing a Shiba Inu from Ice Wind Farm, and I read your testimonial. I was wondering how Kenobi’s temperment was, his appearance, his diet, if there are any problems, and your overall experience in dealing with Karen at Ice Wind Farm. I’m getting a two-month old boy named “Valentino” shipped to me this Friday night.

Reply from Dawn:

Just a disclaimer- when you get me talking about Kenobi, I could go on forever! He’s the love of my life!

I truly think you are making the right decision going to Icewind. My husband and I went to several breeders (and some who claimed to be) and there was no contest. Karen had the nicest dogs and each and everyone of them is treated with so much care and love. In fact, when we go away, Kenobi stays with Karen and he is so excited to see her and Anya the second we walk thru the door. They are a pleasure to work with and we love keeping in contact with them. Our next dog will definitely come from them.

He is quite the happy dog. He’s very loveable and loyal to all of our family & friends. Although, he is aloof to strangers. If he doesn’t know you and if a stranger goes to pet him, he just kind of backs away and comes to stand by me (he happens to be a mama’s boy). In no way, shape or form, has he ever shown any aggression towards anyone.

The only thing about him (and this is true to to the breed) is that he can be a little willful at times. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. Sometimes I say “come here” and he just looks at me like I’m crazy. My advice is to get him into puppy pre-school and get on basic training right away. Being that they are such smart dogs, it takes almost no time for them to learn. We’re lucky because we were able to train him to be off the leash when we take him hiking. He’s also very well mannered. He NEVER begs from us when we’re eating. I can’t stand when dogs do that.

As for his diet, we’ve kept him on the same diet he had when he was at Icewind.. He eats the Purina One for Sensitive Systems (I think they’ve changed it since Kenobi was there). We give him the NuVet vitamins every morning and a little salmon everyday. Sometimes we sneak in a little people food and he LOVES it.

I can assure you that you will be so happy with your little boy. By all means, if can be of any help or if you ever just want to show off some pictures, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My home email is

Update December 2009
Kenobi happens to be better off the leash than on! He goes hiking in the woods at least twice a week and he is so good! We started taking Kenobi hiking from a very young age and kept him on the leash in the beginning. Then we started letting him go short distances a little at a time. For example, my husband would run up ahead on the trail a few hundred feet and I’d let Kenobi run to him. And we’d practice that here and there until the distances got futher apart. I would say that it took about 7 months (he was about 9 mo. old) until he was completely free of the leash.

Now we were told time and again that Shibas should never be off the leash and it was almost a deal breaker for us because we love the outdoors so much. But we were so in love with the breed and so impressed with Icewind that it was worth it to try.

I say if you work with your Shiba very diligently, you have a pretty good shot at having an awesome hiking buddy! Good luck!!! I know you will not be disappointed with the breed or with Icewind.