I haven’t sent you an update on Coco lately. I thought you would like knowing that she is now showing interest in playing with other dogs when we are out for our walks. She is still a little shy/leery of people on the walks, but no longer panics and runs in the other direction! She will actually sniff the hand of some folks and just act aloof with others. She is happiest when she is just with me. Runs around the house doing the “Indy 500” which makes me laugh out loud! She is even warming up to Eric now, and no longer hides when he comes home. She loves her bed, which is next to my side of our bed in our bedroom. Even though she could sleep with us, and sometimes does…she seems to prefer her own bed. She is so confident now that we sometimes find her sleeping on her back, with her paws up….very cute!!!! Her favorite safe place is next to a toilet. (We call the toilet her boyfriend “John”).

She is very comfortable over at my daughter’s house, and doesn’t even hide when we are there anymore. You will just find her in the “thick of things” hanging around wherever we all are. And she loves going for walks with me and my daughter and her dog, Wade (a Golden). Their neighborhood is very “woodsy” and she loves all the rabbit smells. etc. She enjoys going in the car, and I take her everywhere with me. At first she was afraid to look out the windows, but now she does it a lot…and then retreats to the floor, where she feels safe. I have a car harness for her, so she can ride safely on the back seat.

She has her favorite places in the house…on the green chair in the den when I am on the computer, on our bed when I am in the bathroom or bedroom, and next to her boyfriend “John” whenever someone strange is in the house. We are looking forward to the day when she no longer feels she needs to do this. She doesn’t seem interested in playing with any toys, balls, etc., but does move things out of her toy basket and onto her bed…you know, the “mine” thing! She does like to chew on her bone, though. We just keep “loving her through it” on every phase of her adjustment. She is so sweet, and it has been a joy to see her develop her confidence. Even the neighbors comment on what a different dog she is now…it is so evident. She struts now when we walk…with her tail and her head held high…like she owns the place!

UPDATE She is doing so well…she is very happy, and is a great pet. Very obedient and well behaved. We love her more every day!

UPDATE I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Coco is doing great! She is such a love, and gets more and more secure every day. I have even taught her to “sit” for her dog biscuits! We are taking her with us on a three day “vacation” to La Quinta this weekend. There are so many dog friendly hotels now, that it has become very easy to travel with your pet. She loves to go in the car. There is a large grassy area where I walk her, and I now can let her off leash and she runs like the wind. Then she stops and waits for me to put her back on leash. It’s great exercise for her. There are a couple of dogs in the neighborhood that she just loves and then there’s a few that she is oblivious to…she’s very selective of her friends!!!

I just wanted to let you know that I think your newly designed website is fantastic! I love visiting it and reading all about your pups, Anya’s store, your testimonials, etc. Well done!!! And very informative.