We purchased our first Shiba from your Icewind in January 2003. She has turned out to be such a wonderful caring, loving, loyal dog. Even though she is almost 12 she acts and plays like a pup. She has never (knock on wood) had any health problems and seems to be a very healthy happy dog. Just wanted to share our pics and our testimonial with you. I remember a small girl so in love with all the pups when we picked her up. That must be the blonde girl in all your pics. We have two girls 8 and 6 and they look at your website all the time. My 8 year old says that girl is so lucky to have grown up on that wonderful farm. She says she wishes she could be her!!! Lol. Such a great experience we have had with our Holly and will definitely recommend Icewind for the purchase of a Shiba

February 2015