Choosing our 2 Shiba puppies, King Nicey and Queen Spicey, from Karen and Anya at Ice Wind Farms was easy and done with confidence. Together, the mother – daughter team have over 30 years of experience in breeding and caring for Shiba Inus, and provide ongoing support to owners of their puppies. Karen is dedicated to quality and care for her dogs and puppies. She is a wealth of knowledge and is available to answer questions, before, during and after the purchase of one of her puppies. Karen’s kennels are clean and organized; a key attribute to look for in a quality breeder, and she guarantees the health of her puppies. Anya is an extremely responsible and innovative teenager. She stays at home on weekends to care for the dogs and puppies, and runs her own TLC pet care and grooming. Anya gives new pups the human socialization they need by playing, holding, and tenderly kissing them. Anya has also made puppy ownership easy by putting together a crate of supplies and toys (available at a reasonable price — she’s saving for college) that helped start us in the right direction with Nicey and Spicey! Thanks, Karen and Anya, for your guidance, assistance and two beautiful puppies!

Becky & John