Hi Karen & Anya,

I meant to send something over sooner, things have been crazy busy, but I did want to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the amazing new addition to my household!!!  Koji has been a bundle of joy (and energy!) ever since day 1 and was bonding with me even on the car ride back.  I can’t even count how many people have remarked on what a well-behaved and sweet little guy he is, and some of those folks have been dog trainers!

I owe some paperwork to you guys (got his vet exam the day after I picked him up) but as you can see from the many attached pictures he’s been doing great adjusting to Washington D.C.  He’s getting thoroughly socialized (I can’t take him on a walk without almost every person who passes stopping to say hi, and he even got some quality time in with a cat as you can see) and over the past week has been letting me know when he needs to be taken out by pawing at my room door and then taking himself all the way downstairs and waiting by the front door.

I’ll definitely continue to send updates as time goes, but thank you again for all the care and effort you put into raising him, it absolutely shows.  I’ve been telling everyone where I got him so hopefully you’ll get another customer or two out of it as well!