Thank you! I have recommended the Shibas all over town, and given out your website to friends and strangers. Here are some pictures of Mitsy. She is a GREAT dog!! We call her Mitsy the Wonderdog! She is very playful (we installed the Invisible Fence so she runs free over an acre of yard chasing and hunting anything from deer to crickets! (and never goes outside of her boundaries)She is very mindful when she is on her leash, and very quiet and clean! What a joy! Oh, she is also quite beautiful! Thank you again for our lovely little girl!
The Kirvays – Heidi, Robert, Mickey, & Tiger

Update: October 2008 – Well it’s been over 3 years since we visited you and took home our precious Mitsy. What a wonderful dog! She makes everyone who sees her happy. I live by an area called ‘Smithville’ in NJ, and on lots of weekends there are special events. I take Mitsy there to see all of the people and other dogs, and we leave only after I have said ‘Shiba Inu’ about a hundred times! Everyone asks about her. The invisible fence has worked out great. She is very quiet and independent outside, and loving and loyal inside. She knows lots of cool tricks,too! Anya, you sure picked out a special Shiba for us. She turned 3 on the 4th of July. Thanks again!