Hi There,

Its been a while but I thought I would give you an update on Koki. I changed her name to Koshi due to too many confused people and their annoying Coke and Cokie spellings/jokes! She responds to it the same (will a shiba ever respond to a name?) hahahaaaaa. Sometimes she gets called Koko. She is still your Koki.

She is doing really well. Loves to hang out in the park and go for walks – your usual dog stuff. She has traveled all over (see attached photo in front of the White House) to Washington DC and to Virginia where she walked the Appalachian Trail. We brought her to Boston several times and she got to conduct dog business in Harvard Yard. Hahahaa. Next time I am going to walk her over to Harvard Business School to conduct business. They have a great lawn. Heh, heh. People often stop me to ask about her, complement her, or pet her. She has such a great personality. She likes to go on drives and she loves outings. Of course she loves napping too…

I noticed that Willow has had a litter! Koki is a grandmom! Anyways, I wonder if you can tell me who Koki’s parents are. I am curious where she gets her traits from. There are several other Shibas in town now. One is Tobin who runs around like crazy and you can never catch her to get her leash back on. When that happens everyone looks at Koki and says how remarkable she is. She often tells me when she wants to leave by standing at the gate of the park! Or if I need to leave, I can call her and she will come get hooked up. She is a cool calm customer. Hahhaaa. She even waits by the door for me to clean the salt/dirt off her feet.

Well, you aren’t surprised I know. She has made a difference in our lives. My husband likes to take her to his office and they all love her there too.

Anyways, thats it for now! Teresa Delaney

January 26, 2011