Hi Karen and Anya,

I just wanted to say hi and to tell you that we went to a Shiba Inu meet up yesterday and 3 out of the four shibas that were there came from Icewind! I consider Kouji an Icewind Shiba, even though he wasn’t born there. He has such a wonderful temperament and is such a great dog that he could be an Icewind Shiba. We were there with Patrick and Coral, who is a tiny female. To see Kouji play with other shibas was amazing and we plan on attending as many of these as we can.

We’ve had Kouji for about 6 months now and I can’t tell you how we adore him. That one growling incident must have been an isolated incident because he hasn’t done it since. In fact, my daughter put a t-shirt on him yesterday (to get ready for Halloween) and he just looked at me as if to say, “make her stop.” We bathe him and brush his teeth and he tolerates it all without a sound. He sleeps every night in my daughters’ room, but he knows when it’s time for his morning walk, because then he’s right next to my side of the bed!

I am sending an updated picture of Kouji. We just adore him and feel very lucky to have found him. The other shiba owners were amazed that he was a rescue and yet has such a sweet temperament. Everyone at the meet up had high praises for Icewind Farms and your dogs. I’m still trying to talk my husband into another one….we’ll see!

Take care and thanks for Kouji!

October 2009