I want thank Anya and Karen for the good experience purchasing Rocky, a black and tan Shiba Inu. I had a red male Shiba Inu for 15 1/2 years until it pass away this last spring. I decided to start looking for another as I am really attached to the breed. I wanted to have a black and tan female because it would be different in appearance than my deceased Shiba whom l still miss.

I recommend Icewind Farm to anyone that is interested in purchasing a Shiba. Their Shiba’s are high quality and good natured. They have been nurtured with TLC by Anya and her family from birth. Anya and Karen were outstanding during to entire purchasing process. If anyone would like to contact me about Icewind or Rocky they may do so by asking for my -email or phone number from Anya or Karen.

December 2013