Karen and Anya,

I was downloading picture to print today and thought I would update you on Saki ( AKA santa baby). She is the best puppy I have ever had!! Matured well beyond her 1.5 years and loves to chase the squirrels in the back yard!! Molly and her play and fight like sisters which is fun to watch!! I swear this dog stopps trafic when we take her for runs. She absolutely georgeous!!! They ask what she is and where they can get a dog like her, so if you get any referals from Maryland…..Saki sent them!!
I am trying to convince my husband we need another Shiba so don’t be surprised to hear from us in the next year when we want another puppy. Thank you for everything. I hope that all is well with you both and your family.

Karen, Eric, Molly, and Saki
February 2009