Shiba Adults

Ever Wonder How Your Puppy’s Parents Live?

shibas-relaxingIcewind’s Shibas love their lives! Fresh air and sunshine is everything to a Shiba. Everyday our Shibas run free and play with each other on the grass in a large fenced-in backyard. A favorite sunbathing area is the boulder rock pile. It also has lots of areas to play hide and seek. They receive the best food available, plus NuVet supplements, quality dry dog food, fresh meat, lots and lots of fish, plenty of dog biscuits, chew bones and treats. Fresh water is available at all times. And for special treats, people food! Grooming is done as needed which includes brushing, ear cleaning , bathing and a pedicure. All our Shibas have medical care and health clearances from 2 local veterinarians, plus one emergency vet if needed. Our dogs and puppies are never left alone there is always a family member with them to take care of their every need. Lots of hugs and kisses are given daily. Having happy and healthy Shiba parents makes happy and healthy Shiba puppies. Do you know where your Shiba parents are?


Vice Junior World Champion 2012; World Club Junior Winner 2012 (Austria) Black sea Winner 2012 (Varna, Boulgaria)

Russian Jun champion, Serbian Jun champion, Bulgarion Jun champion, Romanian Jun champion. Champion Russia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Philippines, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Moldova, Ukraine, for Balkan Champion


Den came from a beautiful place called Salkhalin Island, Russia. Den is a Champion in 6 Countries and also earned his International Championship Title.


Kuro is a beautiful Champion of 2 countries. He was originally Imported from Japan to France and has now come to the USA to live with us.