I just wanted to thank you for my puppy and let you know he is doing wonderful. He is so calm and sweet, he listens well and picked up on walking on his leash incredibly fast. I will follow up with the vet paperwork, he has an appointment Monday. Is he always this calm? He goes outside, plays with toys for a few minutes, then just wants to cuddle. I changed his name to Yuki, Japanese for snow, due to the fact he seems to like playing in it. He is not what I read about Shibas, he is amazing. I keep saying he is too good to be true, he has been an angel. Thanks for everything. I will give you updates once in awhile.

Thanks again for my sweet boy.

February 2015

UPDATE – April 2015:

Just wanted to send you a picture of Yuki’s graduation picture (although he would not wear his cap) . He completed the full program and is doing great he will continue to attend day care once a week at the farm where his school was, He had such a great time with the other dogs the owner of the school and all the trainers were so impressed with his disposition they said they have never had an experience so great with a Shiba Inu before they were amazed so much that they requested your contact information due to the wonderful breeding.

Good Morning Karen and Anya ,
I just wanted to take a minute and give you an update on Yuki , Today is exactly a year since Yuki became part of our family and we can’t imagine life without him he is the sweetest , most playful, loving and handsome boy . He is as happy as can be he loves his long daily walks (even in the freezing cold) and some days he goes to his play group with the other dogs he is this tiny little Shiba and runs around all day with the German shepherds and other dogs that are 4 times his size; but most of all he enjoys cuddling and being pet ALL day. He is a healthy and happy dog and i can’t thank you enough .
Happy Valentines Day!!
February 2016