We got our first dog from Karen in 1994, a gorgeous, wonderful Alaskan Malamute male pup, Zuni. Our experience with Karen was wonderful. We were in contact with her throughout Zuni’s 10-year life to keep her abreast of how things were going with the pup she so graciously entrusted to us, and she was always interested in how he was doing…whenever we had a question, she was right there to help us. He was such a great dog!!! She was always very friendly and very knowledgeable about her breed. All of her dogs have always been very friendly and accepting of strangers. And the dogs and their runs were always well cared for.

Her whole family seem to be dog lovers and a few years back, we observed her son in show with one of her Malamutes and he was confident and great with the dog. While we have never taken the dogs back to visit Karen, we periodically e-mailed/e-mail her with pictures so she can see their growth and development.

When we were initially looking for our first Alaskan Malamute, we did look at other breeders and were unimpressed due to temperament of the dogs. When we met Karen, saw how she interacted with the dogs and saw the temperament of her adult Malamutes and of the pups, we knew she was good!!! Obviously we came back to her for our Shiba after Zuni passed away in September of 2004…a very sad day for us but Karen was right there to talk to us about his passing. We are now contemplating a second Shiba because our one-year old male, Koda, is a gem!!!

Our advice to you is go and let the pup pick you! Karen had picked a few out for us and then we let the pup pick us. This is our second pup from Karen with a possible third up and coming and we have had no problems. We highly recommend Karen as a breeder…we trust Karen’s judgment and knowledge. She’s great!!!

If you would like to contact us directly, you can reach Sue at home (973) 887-9457
or on her cell (973) 224-1165 or via e-mail at Sue Email