Sorry about the astronomical delay. I just wanted to give you a little update about Sunyesco.
Let’s see…. well to my great pleasure he takes after his dad (Hercules) and Loves playing fetch with the ball.
He absolutely loves the snow.
He loves EVERYONE! ! even cats lol
He’s been a dream pup. He only destroys paper lol.  Only barks at the vacuum and lawn mower.
I have noticed he can be a ass towards male dogs his size. I am planning on getting him snippet at 10 months. I hear all sorts of opinions. So I figured 10 months is a good middle ground.
We installed a invisible fence at the house. To my surprise he’s very good about it. We use the command “Bad Flag” when he approaches the line. If I’m near him and he decides to go see/after something I just say Bad Flag in a commanding voice. He’ll stop, turn around and go right back towards me.
I’m looking at obedience school for him.  Well more for me than him. Anyone who knows everything, knows nothing. So I could use the education.
I know this part is directly to you. I would say 90% of bad Shiba habits he doesn’t have. He’s so loveable. Sleeps on my lap, stays near, is nothing but affectionate. He loves kids, strangers, dogs and cats.
He is my best friend. As Laney would say (5 year old) “he’s a cutie putootie”
When people inquire about him I make sure to give them your information. Sunyesco is a major lover. lol He’ll jump on the couch and literally plop over and want a belly rub. I have a small boat and was concerned taking him out alone, so went to buy a life jacket. Saw the shark suit, had to get it. He took to it without a single issue, which honestly surprised me. Most animals would react. I’m doing the exercises. A lot of times he thinks its extra loven time. lol I’ll plop him on his back and rub his belly. Then play with his paws, tail, teeth and so forth. Even in play I will assert my dominance. He’ll give a sigh and give in. haha  Sunyesco is just an awesome dog! Very lovable and easy going. Please tell everyone hello and pet the pups.

Very Respectfully,