Hi Karen –

Wanted to send a note to let you know how great Phoebe has been. She has adjusted really well to city life in Boston, but loves our yard and clearly takes after her dad with an insane passion for fetching. We worked with a professional trainer the past few days and he was just astounded that she was a shiba. Her social skills with other people and other dogs is top notch. We have worked hard, but know that a lot of these traits were things you started working on before we ever met her. Phoebe was the only puppy in her class that hasn’t had ANY issues with house training and that credit is entirely yours. She is also getting to be great at walking – a little persistence goes a long way. We couldn’t be any happier with her sweet, loving, energetic, and furry addition to our family and wanted to sincerely thank you for the wonderful puppies that you’re raising. Some new pics attached!

Kim and Charlie