We just wanted to take a minute to update you on our Shiba pup Cody (formerly Brad of Meeko and Zoe’s litter). We’ve had Cody for about a month now. He quickly became the favorite puppy in our apartment building! We can’t walk more than a few feet without someone stopping us to play with him. Cody LOVES people, he is such a ham. Every time we walk by someone he runs up and sits at their feet, tail wagging, waiting to be petted. Our doormen have started keeping treats at the front desk to reward him for his tricks. Everyone asks us where we got him and tells us that they can’t believe he’s real, he looks like a teddy bear!

Cody knew how to sit within a day of being home and now knows how to shake his paw, lay down, and he has almost mastered stay! House training has been relatively easy with Cody. He is slowly getting the hang of the bells and has only had a few accidents in the house in the past month! Sometimes he just gets too excited after his Shiba 500 around the apartment! When we take him outside he pees immediately, and only needs a walk up the block to ‘do his business.’ He went in for his final shots yesterday and will be starting puppy kindergarten next week. We look forward to seeing him interact with the other puppies!

Thank you again for our beautiful puppy, he has definitely changed our lives for the better. We’ve been spreading the IceWind name around the area and are happy to recommend your puppies! We can’t wait to watch Cody grown up!

Cheryl & Josh
April 2009