Let me answer your query and give to you my good reference for the Icewind Farms of White Township, NJ. For over ten years I have owned and raised three dogs with the Icewind bloodlines from Karen. I should say outright that I think she is probably one of the best dog, horse and cat breeders in this Country and worldwide. You will not find too many people on her level of accomplishment. She has been breeding dogs for over thirty years and grew up in a family that also bred dogs. She has an innate knowledge of bloodlines:genetics. She is highly regarded in her fellow community too.

I believe that dog breeding is an Art. When the great poets combine the Truth, the Beauty and the Goodness they harness the intangible and bring forth epiphanies. When Karen combines the genetics, the aesthetics, and her own rare and true heart she produces dogs of incomparable beauty and temperament. Everytime you gaze upon your dog, you will automatically be smiling and in awe of its beauty. If anyone is a dog whisperer, Karen is surely one. Karen is a very forthright individual who enjoys what she does. Dog breeding is a labor of love to her. She is kind and amenable and will help you in your search.

The Icewind Kennel is impeccably outfitted with everything dogs need and more. You will find the journey to getting your dog an enjoyable one with Karen as your breeder. She has special talents and knows how to make the dogs with the pretty faces and the elegant bone structures with the endearing personalities. I wish you all the very best on your quest for a Shiba Inu. Wishing you happiness and joy with your new puppy.

Kindest Regards,