I want to tell my experience with Icewind from the very beginning in order to let any new potential customers looking to buy an Icewind pup to know exactly what I went through and my experiences with them and my puppy, so they can make an informed decision when deciding where to buy their dog.

I wanted a Shiba because a friend of mine had one and I loved playing with him and I loved his personality. When I saw my friend’s shiba, I knew that I wanted one right then and there. After a couple months I began to look online for breeders. I called a couple places and looked into a couple of breeders in upstate NY, CT & MA. I also was looking into buying at a pet shop. A pet shop wanted to charge me $1350 for a 10-week-old puppy, which probably was not raised with his mother, so I decided not to go with a petshop. Then I ran into Icewind’s website, looked it over and decided to give them a call. They were very helpful answering all my questions about the puppies. I saw they had some ready to be adopted on their site in about a month and a half. A little while after checking the website everyday, I decided to pull the trigger and put my deposit down for a little red shiba puppy named Alex. I went to go visit him once before he was ready when he was about 1 month old and Anya was very helpful with answering all my questions. I was really impressed by the cleanliness of their facilities and how dedicated they are to raising quality puppies. Their facilities are awesome and great for breeding puppies. After visiting Icewind, my family and I felt really good about where we were buying our puppy. Throughout the rest of my month and a half wait (which took forever), Anya took pictures and some videos of him and kept me updated so I could see how he was doing. Then the day came (April 16th 2010) and I went to pick him up. I was very nervous because this was my first dog and I was dropping so much money on him… but… I was very happy with all the extra accessories they had me purchase from them for him like toys, food, vitamins, supplements, treats, so I could be all ready for him at my house.

Icewind puppies are by no means cheap and are a serious investment of your time, money and energy… but I do believe that you get more for your money when you buy from Icewind. For example, after bringing him home and having him for a month, he only had two accidents. I believe that the time he spent with his mother was key because he basically already came potty trained. Even to this day he has only had a handful of accidents, which is absolutely amazing. I came back and asked Icewind a ton of questions through facebook and emails, which they always answered with tips and tricks to help me raise him correctly.

Now my puppy is 7.5 months and he is such a big part of my life. Everyday I get home from work he goes crazy and brings me all his toys and is so happy to see me. He is very protective of me as well. Shibas are very independent, extremely stubborn, and also a little bit drama queens but they are very loving towards you and you will see that more and more as they get older. I believe my puppy is well trained and a turned out to be a well-rounded dog because of where I got him from. He is so well behaved with other dogs and cries when I don’t let him play with them and great with strangers too.

If anyone reading this wants to shoot me an email or facebook me to ask me any questions I would be more than happy to answer them. Beecher.kyle@gmail.com

October 11, 2010

UPDATE – September 2015:
Kado is doing great. I don’t know if you knew but when I got kado I lived in CT. I then moved to NY for a few years, then moved across country to Los Angeles with kado. We now reside in Long Island City, Queens in a beautiful studio. Kado has been a trooper throughout all my moves… He’s still my only dog and I know it’ll be time to get him a brother or sister soon. Kado is an amazing companion and has adjusted well to all the moves I’ve done all over the country.