Finally, a moment to share our experience thus far with the love of our lives, Bruin (aka Walker), born December 25, 2011. My boyfriend and I adopted, Bruin, February 19, 2012. Since day one, he has been our pride and joy. In the beginning, we found a strict routine to be the key. The “poochie bells” are still used to this day. Although, Bruin, is completely stubborn at times, he has the most incredible personality of a dog I have ever met (and I’ve had MANY golden retrievers throughout my life). He “sings” to me, attempts to talk to anyone by chomping his teeth together, plays soccer with his ice cubes, enjoys turning his bed inside-out, runs the “Shiba 500” at least once a day, jumps on top of his crate to look outside, LOVES to catch and retrieve his tennis ball and football, and still adores his “snuggle puppy.” He has brought complete joy to our entire family, both in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. We are so grateful for Icewind Farm. Thank you for such an incredible part of our lives.

Julia and Brian
September 2012